Gay men send the straightest compliments and the best emails ^_^


Dear Catie…

I am a 34 year old gay man. I have been with many guys including my husband who I have been with for over 14 years. I have never been with a girl, or even thought about being with a girl my entire life. Girls just don’t turn me on at all. That is, except for you.

I recently came across some pictures of you and I just couldn’t believe how amazingly hot you are! You have the sexiest, most perfect ass I have ever seen on any human being. It is complimented nicely by a perfect body, perfect breasts, and a pussy that looks so delicious and inviting. Also your superheroine cosplay is hot as fuck! I am now thinking all the time about having my first experience with a girl and having it be with you.

You haven’t turned me straight or bi, I am still completely uninterested in other girls. It is only you. There is just something very sexy and special about you and I just wanted to tell you that


Vinny this is one of the sweetest sexist email I have ever had. I love gay men. To know that I can be sexy for you is amazing. I am so flattered. Id go straight for you too!